Cascade Head

Located on on the 45th parallel, Cascade Head offers a majestic view of the wild, foggy headland north of Lincoln City where cascades pour off its cliffs into the ocean. The trail meanders through Sitka spruce forests and wildflower meadows with stunning views of craggy islands, the Salmon River estuary, and a cove of barking sea lions.

 Allowing myself into full immersion with my surroundings, the separation between self and  environment becomes less apparent as I get lost in a place of no thinking, only breath after breath, heart beating, foot striking single track with roots emerging, air flow caressing skin, an odd dance of joy as my body is propelled forward by many of the 640 skeletal muscles that make up the human body.

In this time of succumbing to an ever increasing sedentary life, let us not forget our ancestral connection of thousands of years of walking the land. Gaia is praying for us to reconnect and see the sacredness of what she has to offer. Go outside and play!