Le Monastère des Augustines

My wife, Abigail and I, had the privilege of the attending the International Holistic Centers Gathering in Quebec City at Le Monastère des Augustines. Representatives from holistic centers worldwide have been attending these annual gatherings for the last 30 years, collaborating on ways to contribute to humanity through education and immersive experiences in all aspects of mind, body, and spirit. Below is a write-up from the director of Breitenbush Hot Springs which captures the essence of the week we all spent together at Le Monastère des Augustines. 

Report from Centers Gathering, Quebec City, May 2016
by Peter Moore

Within the history of contemporary holistic centers, there has been a tradition of annual meetings of founders, administrators, program directors and other staff members going back more than 30 years. During these three+ decades, representatives of such centers have met at holistic centers located throughout North America, UK, Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and China. I’ve had the sincere pleasure of attending such meetings over the past decade and both I, and the holistic center I represent, Breitenbush Hot Springs, have benefitted in so many ways from the unique mind-meld and practical information exchanged between colleagues from so many different centers. What a gift.

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