In wildness is the preservation of the world.
— Henry David Thoreau

As we move further into the 21st century, our connection with the natural world continues to diminish as technological advances redefine our daily lives. Can we reclaim the indigenous wisdom of the sacred conversation with the more than human world and let go of the idea of human supremacy that continues to consume this planet's resources. Let us re-member our place in this cosmic dance and once again be advocates for Gaia, as we bow to the sacredness of what she has to offer. May these pages invite your curiosity, invite deeper exploration into your psyche, and stimulate the full range of human emotions that we carry.



The dharma invites us to live our life with integrity and radical honesty as we tend to the seeds of our experiences and nourish them in a way that allows us to blossom into compassionate and wise beings.

About Me

Explorer of wild places, Techno-Wizard, trail runner, meditator, film connoisseur,  father of five, married to a poet, are a few words that describe certain aspects of who I am. Teachers who have guided me include Joanna Macy, Bill Plotkin, and Ram Dass to name a few. I have a hearty appetite for anything that nourishes the soul.

Werner Brandt