The dharma invites us to live our life with integrity and radical honesty as we tend to the seeds of our experiences and nourish them in a way that allows us to blossom into compassionate and wise beings.

Dharma Seeds provides a portal into the beauty and pain of the world as experienced by one human being. How do we invite the Sacred into our everyday life and bring our full attention to each moment as we journey into the Mystery? Each of us carry a deeper longing that can act as a compass navigating us to our wholeness, an integration of our conscious and subconscious mind, inviting us to harvest the unique gifts we have to offer to the world.

Our teachers extend way beyond the classroom and spiritual centers of this planet. A glimpse of sunlight in a dark forest, conversation with a stranger, a line from a poem, a blue heron in flight, a loss of a pet, all of these can nourish our soul, break our heart, plant a seed of compassion, or infuse us with untethered joy and grief.