Honoring Loss

The tiger is wild, and the coyote… I am tame, you are tame… But the dog lives in both worlds.
— from Dog Talk by Mary Oliver

A few weeks ago, I experienced the loss of a beloved pet, Tika, who belonged to a close friend. Tika was a constant companion for many years as we explored the lesser known trails of Minto-Brown island, a local 900 acre park. As with most dogs, her unconditional love and forgiveness formed a bond that is sometimes more difficult to cultivate with our human companions which seem to get tainted with the range of emotions around selfishness, envy, and resentment, to many a few.

Tika was a teacher for me, as she exemplified her full engagement in the natural world, and her keen attentiveness to so much that goes unseen by us humans. Though she has passed on, her spirit remains on the trails of Minto-Brown.