Mindbomb -> Memes -> Noosphere

meme (mēm) - a unit of cultural transmission that requires the use of replicators in order to survive and evolve.

As we contemplate our role on earth in the 21st century, faced with the awareness of climate change, species extinction, and resource depletion, we must wonder what kind of world we are leaving for future generations. Can we confidently rely on scientific and technological thinking to solve these problems with the same mindset that created them. How will we evolve to create in Charles Eisenstein's words, "the most beautiful world our hearts know is possible." Looking at the Occupy movement in 2011, how was it that an idea of striking against one's own culture took hold in hundreds of cities with thousands of protesters in this country alone as well as around the world? This was explained as a mind bomb, a powerful idea that catches fire spreading from person to person and culture to culture. This can also be seen as a meme as defined in the quote above. These memes will compete for presence in the third stage of evolution known as the Noosphere, the sphere of human thought that shapes our world.  In a TedX talk recorded in December 2013, Ian MacKenzie, a new paradigm storyteller, eloquently invites us to bring our own unique gifts to occupy the Noosphere.