Ecovillage Torri Superiore - A New Paradigm

One of the high points of our two month travel in Europe was discovering the ecovillage Torri Superiore, a medieval settlement that dated back to the late 13th century where about 25 residents live full time envisioning a new paradigm based on sharing and cooperation. We met an eclectic mix of characters including a young carpenter on a wanderjahre, a German tradition where an apprentice travels the world and hones his skills in foreign surroundings and is only allowed to work for food and shelter. We also were serenaded by a group of Dutch hikers who sang us a sea shanty during lunchtime. And then there was a young Danish lady who had been traveling for months from ecovillage to ecovillage looking for love.  And an elderly German man dressed in all white who came regularly to to village because of its close proximity to the Mediterranean sea where he took me swimming. The sense of connection with the residents and guests exemplified the richness of what strong community is all about. I took the liberty to ask one of the long term community members if he would be willing to talk about the history and vision of Torri Superiore and he gladly accepted my request.