Olympic Peninsula

This September, my wife and I took our 1984 VW bus to explore the Olympic peninsula. Our trip started out with a stop in Seattle where I attended a meeting with folks involved in the Work That Reconnects where we took a close look within our own lives around white privilege, oppression, and racism and how it impacts the work we offer as facilitators. Two excellent websites that explore these topics are Dear White People and Awakening the Horse People

The beauty of the Olympic Peninsula was a stark contrast to the impoverished Indian reservations of the Quinault , Hoh, Quileute, Makah, Elwha Klallam tribes that inhabit this area. As we enjoyed the richness of the Olympic National Park, there was a time when indigenous people of this area roamed freely and now have been confined to boundary defined parcels of land.

A reminder of our dark history in treatment of indigenous people of this land which still continues to this day is presented in this documentary.

Images from our travels