Our arrival in Freiburg was a pleasant surprise as we learned that the city is considered one of the more eco-friendly cities in Europe. Freiburg, a vibrant university city in southwest Germany’s Black Forest region, is known for its temperate climate and reconstructed medieval old town, crisscrossed with picturesque little brooks (bächle). Large clusters of bicycles are seen throughout the city. We spent much of our time exploring the narrow cobblestone streets lined with cafes and a variety of shops. Our Airbnb host was a delight and took us to an authentic German restaurant in the foothills surrounded with vineyards. All the food came from the local region as we ordered smoked trout, fresh roasted pork, german potato salad as good as my Mom makes, and wine from the southern Rhine region.

On our final day we visited a large health spa on the outskirts of town and luxuriated in the warm thermal pools and saunas offering a variety of temperatures. A bargain for only 20 euros for the whole day.

My reinvigorated German helped as we ordered food and drink from the cafes. So much of the food in Germany like bread, cheese, and meats that are found in every market would be considered specialty items in the USA.

We left Freiburg with our bellies satisfied and our hearts fullas we headed by train to Milan.