Ventimiglia to Nice

After a month of traveling, we found ourselves in Ventimiglia, Italy so named because it is 20,000 steps from the border of France. A coastal town, that offers a large Friday market of endless handbags, department store type clothing, some quality and lots of kitsch. Many street musicians appear at various corners of the market. We wandered the maze of booths and Abby's great find was a cashmere reversible poncho. After relaxing by the sea, we continued to explore the town's old structures and buy some lunch from the local vendors. 

A fellow traveler from the ecovillage, took us to the train station in Manton, an hour later we arrived in Nice, France and pulled our luggage along cobblestone streets to our next Airbnb. Nice is known for it natural beauty and pleasant mediterranean climate. A modern tramway system allows you to explore the city with ease. To Abby's surprise we stumbled upon an antique open-air market close to the promenade by the sea that Nice is famous for. Our first French dinner consisted of duck breast, spinach cheese ravioli, olive tapenade with toasted french bread.