Torri Superiore EcoVillage

One of the gems of our trip was discovering the small ecovillage of Torri Superiore, near the town of Ventimiglia by the French border of Mediterranean Italy. A restoration project of a small enclave of buildings in a 10th century castrum (fortress) began in 1989 and blossomed into a community of about 22 people of all ages who live there today. For the fascinating history of this town, visit there website at the link above.

It has been unexpectedly restful and reinvigorating within these ancient stone walls:  comfortable beds, simple, healthy, delicious locally-grown food, extraordinarily good red wine from Piedmont, Italy on the dinner table each night.  Extra good, strong coffee.  Mediterranean vegetation and climate, reminiscent of Santa Barbara.  

Visit the gallery of photos here.

We are grateful for the generous, sweet residents of Torre Superiore, and the good connections with other guests.  It is encouraging to see 22 people, from small children to elders, living well in alternative community.  We are 2 miles from the Mediterranean, 5 miles from the closest city, Ventimiglia, so named because it is 20,000 steps from France.