Mont Blanc

We have spent a delightful week in the Aosta Valley near Saint-Pierre in a remodeled Italian chalet with a view of the snow-covered Alps. Our small Fiat 500 helped navigate the many narrow streets and hairpin curves. During our stay here we visited Castello Fénis and the next we drove towards the French border to take the Skyway tram to Mt. Blanc, a rapid ascent of 8000 feet within 15 minutes which had quite an impact on us, especially Abby. The thin air could be felt as we climbed the steps to the 360 degree terrace that gave us a spectacular view of Mont Blanc. I could only think of the challenge of the 3000 runners who descend on this area every August to run 100 miles around the mountain. Many of our meals consisted or red wine, salami, cheese, and pasta, plus green salad and a nightcap of Grappa, not to mention the good Italian coffee every morning.